Start Is nick jonas dating demi lovato 2016

Is nick jonas dating demi lovato 2016

The group sang DNCE's "Cake By the Ocean," Jonas' "Close," Lovato's "Heart Attack" and more hits.

That the “1812 Overture” is associated with July Fourth is a phenomenon that arose from Esplanade concerts dating back to the 1970s.

Despite having led this concert over 20 times, it’s still a thrill to bring the orchestra to the exciting finale with real exploding canons setting the stage for a phenomenal fireworks show over the Charles River.

The Boston Pops is [called] "America’s Orchestra," so patriotism is baked into the core of the organization.

We tap into the national identity by reminding listeners about the musical heritage we share.

It's not all roasting, though: they also sang some of Lovato and Jonas' songs, as well as Nick's brother Joe's song "Cake By the Ocean," before getting out of the car and busking on Hollywood Boulevard. Lovato is very likable, even when she's having a coughing fit.

This year, I imagine there’s a whole new young audience across the state lobbying their parents to take them the concert, and we think that’s great.

In addition to starting their own label and sharing a tour, the pop stars hang out all the time — so much so that, when Lovato was out with her new man, Jonas tagged along as her third wheel.

According to , Jonas made a very special appearance during Lovato's date with her new maybe-boyfriend, Luke Rockhold.

It's clear that Lovato and Jonas support one another in pretty much every way, so I wouldn't be surprised if the "Confident" singer tapped him to be her third wheel just in case things she backtracked on the whole "going public" thing.

As for Jonas, perhaps he prefers this situation to when he was a third wheel with Lovato and Joe.

We’ve certainly had other country acts as part of the Fourth — a great show with Toby Keith in 2010 comes to mind.