Start Interactive sex video chat bot

Interactive sex video chat bot

The android is impressively similar to her dead boyfriend in almost every way but it’s still, after all, just a machine, without blood in its veins or the need to sleep or the capacity for anger (which, to a machine, is counter-productive).

It’s called Replika, and it isn’t just for recreating your dearly departed.

You can create and customize any kind of AI companion you want and communicate with them through texting.

What happens if we start surrounding ourselves with “people” we ourselves created?

For a glimpse of what Replika might be like, you can check out one of Luka’s other chatbot products, “Marfa.” Luka claims that Marfa will be your BBFF, or “Best Bot Friend Forever.” It’s sort of like when you ask Siri a personal question — but the responses are much more varied.

And no, you can’t have sex with it (even if it does want you to think it’s sexy).

Kuyda said she had the idea for Replika after her roommate and best friend Roman was killed crossing the street in San Francisco.

’ have some surprises; memory would not.” Roush notes that most people in the news articles he’d read about Replika said they would use it as a listening device, to “tell” their dead friend something that they hadn’t had a chance to say in real life.