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Brimming with anticipation, Lisa stood next to Fiennes before he left the plane so they could talk.

'He leaned forward, gazed deep into my eyes and stroked my arm as if to reassure me,' said Lisa. Anyway, I think you're gorgeous.'She admits: 'I felt overwhelmed. I've served a lot of famous people, including Shane Warne and Ian Thorpe, and I'm not usually like that at work.'Lisa, who is divorced, continued with her duties, serving the evening meal before the cabin lights dimmed.

Lisa said: 'We had chatted a bit about India - where I've been five times - and his movies.'When I told him I was going for a break, he said, "I might come and visit you for a chat, if that's OK." I was a bit surprised, but also thrilled.

I said, "Sure."'Lisa admits she was smitten by the star, but says she did not make the first move and had no thought of what might happen next.

It's just not usually with a Hollywood star at 35,000 feet.

Although Lisa makes no bones about having been an enthusiastic participant in the unedifying episode and is clearly still thrilled to have attracted the attention of an international film star, it is hard not to see her also as his victim. For the rest of the evening, although I was working on the other side of the cabin, we kept looking at each other.

The attraction had been immediate and overwhelming from the moment they first made eye contact.

But as Qantas stewardess Lisa Robertson leaned over towards Hollywood star Ralph Fiennes to offer him a drink, she could not have imagined how the evening would unfold - or that she would end up in a passionate tryst with him in the aircraft lavatory.

It was 11pm and most of the other passengers were asleep. He told me he was learning lines for a new movie with Colin Farrell, playing the part of a gangster.