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Im boy looking for free sex dating in bangalore

While desire is a pure and good energy, desperation is a powerful negative energy. Surrender to the light of divine love of the Universe.

“Your loved one loves you”, your desire is fulfilled. Say to yourself as an affirmation 1000’s of times “_______ loves me” See what happens in the next 5-7 days. So now you know in your heart whether you truly love the other person or not.

If its love go forward else just allow the Universe to deliver the best vibrational match for you.

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Desire and Desperation – You need to let go of the desperation While desire is a sacred energy, an energy of creation, desperation is just the opposite, a destructive energy.

When desire is unfulfilled the void is taken over by desperation.

Trust me there is nothing like a Live Mentor who can guide you through the process of LOA and manifesting.

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Now this is a very important step for those in love Love – the power behind creation Understand this. With love you can create anything, win anyone’s heart, mind and soul. Now what kind of loving thoughts would you send to your lover. And if you do it right there will be no attachment now because you are already in a field where you can FEEL the feelings of the relationship and loving your lover.

Every day for at least 10 minutes sit down and send loving thoughts to your loved one. Imagine a pink ball of energy in between your hands in which you see you already have the relationship of your choice. This ball can only contain pure and good love energy. In case there are any doubts Affirm to yourself, “I surrender to my divine light”.

You accept the divine will because the divine will make your life far happier than you can imagine.