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Julie just looked at me and said Go on be a spot Tony. Well, we'll soon have you looking the part dear.." Aunt Katie said as she led me to her working area, and settled me into the chair. " She said "Tony I know over the years how Julie has dressed you in girls clothes, and your mother and I have always wondered what you would look like as a girl, and I remember how your mother always wished that you were a girl.

Julie was present at the time and I noticed how she gave me a long searching look, to see how I had reacted to the comment, but I had no idea what was going through her mind at the time.

Mother had always told me that she had hoped before I was born that I would be a girl, but she had always insisted that she loved me anyway, and was quite happy with me.

At about 10.00 am Julie had a phone call from Aunt Katie, and I heard her giggling and I heard her say I cant wait to see him Mamma she seemed very excited.

She said Grab your coat Tony we are off to see mother she has a surprise for us.

However, I somehow sensed that there was still a latent longing somewhere within her for a daughter.

Holidays with Julie were always great fun, we seemed to have so much in common.

I tried pumping her on the way in the taxi, but she would not be drawn.

When we got to the salon where Aunt Katie was working for the day she said to me.

I admit I was a little shocked and I was not sure that I liked the idea.

I looked at Julie as my mind tried to grapple with what Aunt Katie had proposed.. Of course it wont be darling and if you really hate it you can change back straight away. "Why are you really doing this, Aunt Katie I asked as a panic set in ?

As soon as was conveniently possible my mother had left for Australia, and I had gone to stay with my Aunt Katie and Julie.