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Investigators there did not interview the teen, nor did they take him around to try and identify the places where he claimed to have had sex with Dufresne in Jefferson Parish, Mc Elwee said.

The tryst is just one of the details revealed as Dufresne's trial on two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile got underway in a Jefferson Parish court.

Prosecutors Rachel Africk and Seth Shute discussed the fake Facebook profile they say Dufresne created to coordinate her multiple sexual encounters.

Mc Elwee also repeatedly pounced on the teen's recollections of the relationship. Defense attorneys questioned why the teen's earlier statements to authorities put the start date sexual relationship at Aug. Mc Elwee also suggested the alleged group sex did not occur -- and thereby no crime was committed in Jefferson Parish -- because the teen told authorities he could not achieve an erection, something the teen denied on the witness stand.

Authorities never recovered the alleged video of Respess because the teen admitted deleting it and other photos and text messages out of fear.

Dufresne arranged to pick the teen up from his Destrehan home following a scrimmage football game earlier in the evening, he said. Charles Parish Sheriff's Office, told the court he identified the area as being near a strip mall close to Mississippi Street and the Kenner city line because the teen said there was an Academy sports store and a Home Depot nearby.

The teen testified that Dufresne drove to an area right off Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie by a daiquiri shop. That location would be a hotly-contested point with defense attorneys, who said the identified Metairie location didn't match the teen's description.

Dufresne frequently messaged with the teen using the Madison Mexicano account.

The teen gave the court a list of the places where he and Dufresne would rendezvous.

Mc Elwee argued the teen did so because he knew he had committed the crime of video voyeurism and then shared the lewd video of Respess.

"You know it's a crime to video someone without their permission? The teen denied sharing the video and said he only showed others from his own cell phone.

Charles Parish, none of their encounters ever occurred in Jefferson Parish, Mc Elwee said.