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There is something to suit everyone from the seasoned veteran, to the aspiring young golfer in your family.

The Gold Class at Universe Club really does contain a lot of gorgeous women.

With the right amount of time and money a guy could spend months or even years hanging out with ladies of his choosing.

Reports on the Platinum and Black classes will follow in due time.

The various classes at Universe Club represent different groups of women.

With the various tools available he probably would enjoy the vast majority of his experiences too.

It seems clear that a lot of the Gold Class ladies are women that the vast majority of guys would never meet if it wasn’t for the Universe Club.

When women sign up for the club they have to meet in person with people on staff.

Those people interview them and try to get to know the women so that they can assign them a class.

Be it a single person or group booking, we offer a range of packages or the day can be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

The golf course offers outstanding views of The Peak District just 1 mile from the centre of town and the train station.

A guy could go crazy going through all of the available gals.