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Though the queer storyline at were two names synonymous with The Gay Agenda.

No, not all of these shows or movies are being queer — some of them aren’t even that kind to its queer characters — but, across the board, one thing was consistent: each one told an interesting story about queerness in a way that wasn’t trite or offensive.

TV:), expanding from a niche guilty pleasure to a Primetime Emmy Award-winning cultural juggernaut.

I mean, hello, even Narrowing my list down to six favorites in each category was an impossibly daunting task, and I still cringe thinking about all the worthy candidates I couldn’t fit.

But as I sifted through my running list, I ended up selecting those stories whose handlings of queer characters and queer subjects were both nuanced and entertaining.

With her frankness as the documentary narrator, Gigi brought everyone into her world with a rare sense of honesty and a surprising willingness to scratch beneath the surface.

is its ability to tell two completely different stories that coexist in the same universe.

Over the course of its short but sweet 80-minute runtime, takes us through J’s world, showing what life is like for a 14-year-old caught in the in-between and still trying to decide whether they want to mature as a boy or a girl.

It’s a quiet film that, at times, seems to move a little too slowly, but it also makes a very strong case for trusting in a child’s innate sensibility to know what’s best for their own body.

Few movies have left me feeling as happy as this one.

is, importantly, a movie about taking action, no matter the consequences.

switched up the script by pairing Darryl, a recent divorcée and the jittery insecure boss to the show’s protagonist, with “White Josh,” a sports bar-frequenting personal trainer with a visible tender side — thereby instantly setting the two as the show’s resident “Odd Couple.” But over the course of the next few seasons, the bond between them grew stronger and their initial incompatibility eventually became their most adorable quality.