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Both schools wound up selecting names from the time period.

Their nickname and the red and gold color scheme were a reference to the burning of Atlanta after its capture by General William Tecumseh Sherman.

The franchise kept its name after it moved to Calgary, so the team’s name refers to event that took place thousands of miles away from where it now plays (and ten years before the city of Calgary was even incorporated).

Can you feel the circle tightening, getting smaller and smaller with each passing day? Take your pick, it’s here From Gateway Pundit: Just in case you want more Obama in your life…

AT&T is loading i Phones with emergency alerts from Barack Obama…that you CAN’T switch off.

So now Barack can track your calls and send you messages, too.

source – The Gateway Pundit NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider.

The Civil War also plays a prominent role in the rivalry between Kansas and Missouri.