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Gay lds dating

Okay, now that’s where another piece of wisdom comes into play. So, I see no reason why wouldn’t you love it with girls.

Now, let’s assume that you’ve found your dream guy date as previously explained. In traditional straight sense of the word, dating a guy can end up with marriage only if you and your buddy decide to marry girls of your choice on approximately same day.

But for a gay guy like you, such proposition probably seem implausible, isn’t it?

My family was a traditional family where we had my father, the Patriarch, and my lovely mother by his side. You see, there is nothing in God’s plan about homosexuality. Nothing said by Jesus Christ himself, and nothing in the Book of Mormon, “written for our day.” Sure — read, pray, follow the commandments, and you’ll get blessings, all matching to some law “irrevocably decreed in heaven”. And it sucks because I end up always falling for a guy friend or some guy in class I spend a ton of time doing homework with, and it hurts, because hell, there is nothing I can do about it (they weren’t kidding when this school ranked 15th (I think) on the hottest and smartest colleges list.). I am told that I can be happy by being a good Mormon . I don’t want to disappoint people, but for the sake of myself and my life, I feel that I need to find some real happiness – you know, find a nice guy, or something like that. I don’t know what this is going to bring about, aside from wanting people to know that life as a gay Mormon sucks. I don’t see that ending any time soon so long as I stay in the church that I used to love.

I was born to a LDS family (and by born into, I mean my mother was baptized a year prior to my birth, so I didn’t have some massive church-based heritage) in a staunchly conservative nation that is primarily Catholic/Christian. So, that means I have to live the rest of my life unable to love and be loved in return (in the romantic, passionate sense) — something that everyone yearns for and wants in their life. I do all this to keep up the illusion, just to keep my friends, just to keep some sort of protective barrier around me. How does it feel to live a thousand heartbreaks in a semester? I am told that I should raise a family in righteousness — can’t I do that with a loving partner who would raise children in an environment that would make them great people? then where is that happiness that constantly eludes me? The only counselors in the area are Mormon, so they all tell me to stay in the church and just do church things. This is why I stand at the edge not knowing what to do.

Granted, that picture in my head was always one where I would either be alone raising some kids, or with another man who I loved and could grow old with. The same fears are always being brought back and triggered by talks about dating, and dating, and marriage, and dating. To reiterate, there is nothing, absolutely nothing in the scriptures, in modern day revelation, in anything, that talks about this so-called trial, aside from the fact that I should be stoned should I romance another man.

I loved the people I taught, but I was still distraught about the idea that I will never be happy for the rest of my life. I face challenges every day that have just worn down on me — so much so that I suffer from manic depressive episodes coupled with near-crippling anxiety.

Because if they know in advance before you even invite them for a date, it takes off the pressure. So, we need to deal with a possibility that a girl whom you invite for a date doesn’t have a clue about your same-sex attraction. Well, you need to prey for every opportunity to tell her.