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Gavin maloof dating

Given Australia rates below countries like Vietnam, Brazil and Thailand in military strength, one might expect the Defence Minister to make vast improvements in combat readiness her sole priority.

Australia’s Constitution expressly bans parliamentarians from being entitled to the rights or privileges of, or to be a subject or citizen of, a foreign power.

Yet 10 per cent of the parliament has resigned or remains under suspicion for just that.

The only thing worse than North Korea’s missile porn is the possibility that Kim will acquire nuclear power and make the West pay.

America leads the world but China is rapidly gaining.

Meanwhile, Turnbull and Bill Shorten are locked in a standoff over which MPs whose citizenship is in doubt should be referred to the High Court.

How dare they sit in judgment when they have tried to cover up the ineligibility of some colleagues, pushed a “don’t ask, don’t tell” agreement and scoffed at each other’s “carelessness” in a calculated attempt to deceive the public.

They take credit for successes while taxpayers underwrite their mistakes. The financial services royal commission is a rank political exercise that serves to remind us of the double standards and questionable competence of those who have commissioned it.