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The power source I contemplated is alternating current and may be of commercial voltage and frequency, while the load 2 is of the type requiringa steady direct voltage and current.

The amount of power fed back from the transformer to the reactor may, hence, be controlled by controlling the effective amount of resistance in the feed-back circuit.

A plurality of taps It to the resistance and the aligned contacts serve to successively short circuit all or a selected portion of the resistance through the rod I'l movable by the armature l8 in the field of the solenoid winding IS.

The windings l0 and II on the core are connected in series with the source and the third winding I2 is connected to a direct current source and is designed to magnetically saturate the core to the desired degree.

The necessary degree of saturation is determined by the inductive reactance required to maintain the voltage at the load.

Experience with regulators of the type shown indicates that the vibration imparted to the armature and its moving parts by the pulse current effectively eliminates the static friction of the parts and makes the armature responsive to minute voltage changes at the output terminal, The vibration of the armature also gives better regulation in that vibrating movement of armature H for any given position thereof causes one or more fingers to continually open and close with the corresponding contacts i5.

Early models of my power regulator have held the voltage at the terminals to within plus or minus 2 percent of the voltage selected by the resistor 28.

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My improved regulator comprises, essentially, a rectifier between an alternating power source and the load, and a saturable core reactor in the line to the alternating current source.

A direct current winding on the core receives a controlled amount of current in response to and proportional to the rectifier output voltage, the winding current preferably though not necessarily being obtained directly from the alternating source through a second rectifier.

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