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This woman just became an internet obsession for being totally poised and looking beautiful.

That gorgeous blue outfit makes her look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, so we bet Kate didn’t stay mad for long.

Kate and Wills both love sports, and this photo shows how excitedly Kate approaches playing every game.

Kate is known for making wonderful faces in several pictures, and this one is no exception.

With her brilliant features contorted in an amusing manner, she tries to use the yellow paddle to the best of her ability.

’ Kate has definitely been on the wrong side of this media attention, with many publications saying she has lost too much weight, shrinking down immediately after her babies are born, and even suggesting she isn’t eating enough.

As it turns out, the lovely lady is good for more than fashion faux-pas in front of her relatively recently acquired paparazzi entourage.

Like most parents, Kate clearly has a well-practised stern face, which she whips out when she needs her kids to pay attention and do as they’re told!

In this case, it looks like little George has been chastened to silence, but Charlotte looks like she might well make a run for it!

I bet this is one photo that Kate would probably like removed from the internet, yet another gust of wind which made her usual modest clothes slightly less modest, to say the least.

We don’t know whether Kate is wearing string underwear here, or whether she simply didn’t put on any at all that morning, but we can certainly guess that she regrets whichever choice she made!

Hair sashayed gracefully in the breeze and knees bent for the perfect angle; Kate is ready to win this game.