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Here's the thing, I don't mind when women say no to me. I've built up an immunity to this type of stuff over the years, it's all in the game and I accept it graciously. It's some sort of social ritual, where you essentially say no in a more difficult and confusing way in order to not have to reject someone head on.

We continue texting for about a week (we sent around 50 texts to one another) things are looking up, this one is actually interested it seems! I make brief eye contact with her and she looks down and pretends she's busy. It's not easy turning down someone's request like that.

So today my friends and I went to this restaurant again and of course she's there working. What I don't have an immunity for is girls giving me false hope when all they needed to simply say was "No" and I could have just said "Oh, that's cool. Have a nice day." and moved on immediately like I've literally said and done countless times before. It'd be hard to change this, since, let's face it, people try to avoid being direct to someone when it might invoke a strong reaction.

It just makes no god damn sense what happened here. Couple days later Christmas is here, so I send her a Merry Christmas text. That's why you go by the rule "actions, not words" - giving a phone number is an action, but the actual level of commitment is really on the level of words. Let's keep in touch though, you never know." Then two days later she shows up wearing no panties and spends the night. Then after that she gives me the cold shoulder, and tells me she made a mistake. On the flip side, though, I've been ignoring this one girl's texts for the past week. Originally Posted by Arjen I'm guessing it's easier for them just giving their number be done with it and then ignore you. "Oh I like you, but I told this other guy I'd be exclusive with him.

Well the last thing we talk about is what we're going to do on a first date and she seems totally down. I send her another text telling her I have two days off and we can meet up any time during those days. Some people feel guilty and try to discharge it by doing stupid/misleading things. "Oh I like you, but I told this other guy I'd be exclusive with him.

I'm too polite to do this, major flaw in my personality it's like i can't say no. But the biggest reasons are it's easier to ''reject'' someone passively by not calling them and also it probably mean she has some dude she's already messing with--not a committed relationship--but some other dude is on her mind, which you really can't compete with right now. A girl in a bar is more likely to just say "No thanks" than a waitress or someone at work.

I leave her a voicemail (this confirmed it was the real number because her answering machine says her full name). She seemed kinda shy about the whole thing but, again, like the other two girls she didn't much hesitate to give me her number. This is incredibly hard especially when you just want to be friends. Seems like you're picking up women in situations where they aren't mentally ready to shut a guy down so they just postpone it.

As I've gotten older (26) the whole friends with benefits thing and random hook-ups just doesn't fulfill me anymore. I tell her to send me some pics of her art work (she's an artist) and she never got back to me again. Originally Posted by imadinosaur Yeah, I've thought this too. But the biggest reasons are it's easier to ''reject'' someone passively by not calling them and also it probably mean she has some dude she's already messing with--not a committed relationship--but some other dude is on her mind, which you really can't compete with right now. You met someone and getting caught up in trying to make it happen when the other person isn't committed to getting together again is dumb.

I want something deeper than that at this stage in my life. But I find it strange that they'd be willing to give out the number when those crazy psycho dudes probably would never EVER stop calling / texting. Originally Posted by HUELEN10 What is mean about simply saying something like "I'm sorry, but I'm just not interested" so neither party wastes their sanity or time? Usually for girls who do this to me, I call or text them, letting them know, it seems you probably have another situation going, call me when you're ready to chill. A lot guys develop this passive aggressive women frustration because of this. You're not interested in all the women you meet, neither are they. Although, I don't even think it's worthwhile to tell them later, after you night you met, to "call you when she's ready" - has that worked for you?

I don't even bother), I'm not pushy when setting up dates I'm always open and flexible with that stuff, I'm not forceful when I'm asking for the digits either (I'm a one and doner when it comes to that. I'm not new to the game, I've just gotten back in it after a long hiatus. I'm really hoping this has just been one of those moments in life where someone is just having a string of misfortune and isn't some epidemic that's gaining traction all of a sudden. And if you changed your mind, which is perfectly fine, for the love of god just let a dude know. It also drove me nuts when single and basically started a policy of, you flake on me once you're dead to me unless you are the ones making plans next time. And afterwards it's easier to say no on the phone than face to face. Concentrate on getting as many numbers as possible isntead of focusing on getting the one specific number. I have had no problem getting a lot of girls' numbers last year, and they'd always be willing to hang out / go on a date. Then they'd drop of the face of the earth, or change into a completely different person, or what have you. What I don't get is when they have those wild personality changes. It's easier for them this way for the dudes are being pushy with getting a number.

By this point I already know what a lot of you are probably thinking; Force, maybe you're doing or saying something to turn these women away. I don't bombard them with text, I'm always polite when I speak to them, I don't say weird awkward shit or even make jokes (a lot of jokes so easily get lost in translation in texts. I know the do's and don'ts of asking women out and how to conduct yourself like a decent human being when speaking with them. Some also like the attention even if it's from stringing along guys that they have no interest in. Too many men are douchebags who can't no as a serious answer so some women find it easier just to play aloof until the guy gets bored/frustrated and gives up. You said you can handle a no, well a lot of dudes can't and keep pushing.

I usually am the one to hit a girl up at first and after we've kicked it a couple times, I let her seek me out. Last time I got a fake number was ages ago, I suppose it's harder now since people call each other on the spot to add each other.