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In addition, although the antibiotic metronidazole (Flagyl) has a 70% initial cure rate, that cure doesn't last long for many women.

It is a matter of keeping with it long enough to have all the bad bacteria die off and have the good vagina-healthy bacteria so well established that they can hold their own, even during tricky times.

For most women their vaginal p H changes depending on what part of their menstrual cyclce they are in, with just before, during and just after a period being the most vunerable times for BV.

In this article I will explain treatment options that help reverse this condition while strengthening and preserving the intestinal flora you need to heal from arthritis.

Bacterial vaginosis is relevant to arthritis because many doctors will tell you that antibiotics are the only way to wipe out the undesirable bacteria growing in the vagina.

This issue is for women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis (BV) - which is most of us gals at some time or another.

(You know: funny smells, itching, tenderness, and/or thin white or gray discharge.) Solving this problem is definately a good reason to smile!

I notice a fishy smell but its mainly coming from outside. Whenever I got back to wearing anything tight, the strong odor comes back. my discharge is not like cottage cheese, but more watery & white.

Since doing the vitamin c, the inside of my vagina is very dry. my discharge also is very strong in yeast odor, and excessive.

Discharge color and consistency during the healing process with vitamin C insertion can run the gamut, but once the BV is gone it should be clear and not smell yeasty or fishy or bad.

I've been using the Country Life 1000mg vitamin c tablets with Rosehip.

im also taking 1 capsule of Renew life 50 bill vag support. My main symptoms are a lot of discharge, strong musty odor, yeasty smell. did that for 4 days and the smell left for 3 months, but returned 2. a juice fast with 90% veggies and 10% fruits for 6 days. A Candida diet i did for 14 days got rid of it, but came back soon as i went back to eating normally. douched one time with ACV and water, my god i reaked like fish for 2 months until i took boric acid.