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Yes, you can be trans even if you didn’t think about it as a child. Yet others strongly prefer the term transsexual, as they feel their gender dysphoria is strictly a medical issue.

Anything I should definitely tell or not tell my physician? There are some medical conditions that may need to be controlled before you can start hormones.

There’s an informed consent clinic list here which may also be helpful for you, though it’s not complete. Some Planned Parenthood clinics provide transgender care as well. Also consider notifying your state medical board or investigating if the physician broke an anti-discrimination law.

If you’re near one, your best chances are likely in big cities. Accidental misgendering does happen, even by the best of providers. If the misbehavior was serious or negatively affected your health, consider consulting an attorney.

I will not go over the basics of what gender and sex are. If you have questions or concerns about your health in particular, please do give your doctor a call. Medical, social, and legal transition is the only recognized treatment that helps. I heard someone say being transgender is an intersex condition. An area of particular interest is the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis.