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The result is a safer, better connected and more efficient work force, one step at a time.

Soon, her organization will expand to Uganda and Tanzania.

"Without clean water there is no prosperity for a community," Evans says.

Not only can parents connect with their kids over long distances — whether they’re deployed in the military or just out of town — being able to maintain a simple nightly routine of reading together is a boon to literacy, Tuchman says.

Toyota has honored Maxeme Tuchman with a Mothers of Invention grant to further develop and distribute Caribu.

Read More How much of an impact have the Toyota Mothers of Invention made?

To let the numbers speak, since 2012, 16 Toyota Mothers of Invention have impacted 160 countries and touched the lives of 160 million people.

Her company, Sole Power, addresses the need for portable power by harnessing everyday movement.

Its first product, a connected boot, generates electricity with every step, enabling the footwear to communicate with the cloud or track movements.

This question was on the minds of Monica Gray and Annie Medaglia, who co-founded Dream Wakers, a nonprofit that connects public school students with career speakers through Skype and Google Hangouts.

Mariama Diop, an eighth-grader at Kipp Star College Prep Middle School, says her experience with Dream Wakers has empowered her to feel "capable and inspired." Read More For Komal Ahmad, CEO of the benefit corporation Copia, excess food wastage is "the world's dumbest problem." After an unsuccessful attempt to deliver 500 sandwiches to a nonprofit, she was frustrated.

If science can provide the framework to solve the world’s largest issues, Lab4U posits, empowering kids with the gift of experimentation sets the groundwork for a better tomorrow.