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Find dating poeple looking for love usa

But as much as she may deserve it, I recommend uppercutting your girlfriend for a number of reasons.

If she likes ” means “no.” An undisciplined girl is like an undisciplined child.

Without a man to lovingly correct her sins, she’ll keep on committing them, damning herself to a life of misery.

Her brain reboots and her desire to defy you is eliminated; her only thoughts will revolve around how to serve you better.

It’s the curse of Eve: girls naturally chafe at the yoke of the man they have submitted to, even if all they end up doing is finding another master to kneel to.

If she likes to be lightly spanked, you spank her until it hurts.

If she likes to be spanked until it hurts, spank her until her butt is red raw.

Only when she is forced to directly confront the consequences of her actions will she grow as a woman.