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“She is part of it,” a woman said, before police arrived and evicted the reporter from the hospital. Vicente Gonzalez (D-Tex.) ended up erroneously naming Sam Hyde as the perpetrator of the worst mass shooting to befall his state. Forbes noted that his antics — including a fake TEDx talk and a fake pony-dating simulator — had been popular on 4chan message boards before its users reinvented the comedian as an immortal gunman, sometime in 2015.

They spoke vaguely of some “operation.” When a reporter for The Washington Post approached the women, she was pushed and shoved away.

One woman grabbed the reporter’s phone and accused her of recording what they’d said.

So, of course, the name was resurrected Sunday — not that Gonzalez knew anything about it when news stations invited him to speak about the tragedy in Sutherland Springs.

— just as he had been blamed a month earlier for the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and in San Bernardino, Calif.; Minneapolis; and Kalamazoo, Mich., before that. Sunday, it was not some obscure tweeter who blamed a phantom for what happened in Sutherland Springs.

Whitney Phillips is a researcher at Mercer University who studies online hoaxes, the trolls who invent them, the news outlets that advance them and the people they affect.

Watching them take life on Sunday, she wrote to The Post, has nearly brought her to despair.

The powers that be must have concocted the church shooting to distract from the one in Las Vegas, one writer claimed.

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