Start Explain how radioactive decay is used in carbon dating

Explain how radioactive decay is used in carbon dating

Moreover, there are no (or a statistically insignificant number of) creatures that we might suppose or rationalize as evolving.

God left His fingerprint inside these foundation stones and left evidence that will stand forever.

Following is a list of natural phenomena, adapted from an article entitled Evidence for a Young Universe, by D. Current evolutionary science states that our galaxy is around 10 billion years old and our solar system over 5 billion years old.

The first option seems the more reasonable of the two.

God spoke and the land (granites included) instantly formed.

As a radioactive particle decays, it progresses through a well know set of elements and isotopes, emitting Beta or Alpha particles of given Me V (Million electron Volts).

When alpha particles are emitted by a radioactive speck in a given substrate or material, the alpha particles "run out of energy" a certain distance away from the core and leave a "damage" sphere or ring (when cross-sectioned). By measuring the diameter of the damaged ring, and also noting the various rings around a core, its fairly straightforward to determine what the exact center core particle was to begin with.

In short, the theory of evolution states that lower life evolved over eons into higher life forms.