Start Eunhyuk dating 2016

Eunhyuk dating 2016

Thanks for showing that there are idols who can actually act. I have friends and family who now watch Korean dramas and are also fans of yours.

I'm sure you can find many other commercials that would supplement your income. Wish you best of luck hope to see you in scarlet heart season 2 I was really amazed with your voice, the first time I watched the Dream High back in 2012, also with your acting skills! I now understand why I'm always listening to your songs. And with Scarlet Heart Ryeo, the love as a fan is getting stronger, I wish to see you more on kdramas!

She writes her own songs, involves heavily into the productions of her albums and she's an actress who is willing to step out of the comfort zone and is the type to be more versatile when it comes to deciding on her acting roles and drama. until today, no day without IU's song because i used it as my alarm tone, and i always awaken although she sang a ballad. I wish I will get to talk to her in person sometime before I die, I know that's pretty impossible since I'm some nobody on the internet and she's a super star in Korea.

IU's by far my most fav solo singer and she's my third most fav female actresses, only behind Gong Hyo Jin and Go Hyung Jung. :)))) I have seen her first in drama "The Producers" because I was really obsessed with Kim Soo-Hyun at that time. I mean what am I even talking about I don't even speak Korean how can I start a conversation when I don't even speak the same language, but I kinda have that little wish deep inside me.

Ignore the soreasses who attack you just 'coz their talentless idol can't act. After watching moon lovers, I was able to love you as an actress and the fact that your also beautiful in each episodes! I totally love your dramas that I've seen except Bel Ami.

Congrats for being the main lead of this drama because you really give justice to your character! I don't see why the knetz were too harsh on her just bc she's an idol.. I think you sing really well and I love your acting.

the best scene is when iu attack to Prince but I don't know why wook going to be a bad person but I like 4th Prince too much he is attractive :) and iu kiss him but I know that iu come back to present a lot of Korean dramas like another one but if this occur I couldn't sleep for one month :(if you don't see it go and see it .it's too beautiful drama just wait little for next ep only 3 days left for next ep oh if sbs play it every day ia better but a lot of video and ads in sbs in fact when ads come I shutdown tv :| because Time is like a gold I couldn't wasting my ! All people in SHR r so serious looking face the definition of great acting mean u hv to do dat serious emotional face all the time ? My husband and I (we're both in our 70's) are great fans of your acting and singing...

She made me laught so hard sad scene seems funny whenever i see her clumsy side XD I've never really liked idols in dramas after watching an overrated idol who can't act but get leads even her own movie for being a popular visual but IU, girl you & Yoona (k2) got me interested. we watched you in "You're the Best Lee Soon Shin" and in "Producer" and now in "Scarlet Heart." We also listened to your performance on You Tube singing the 1975 classic "Loving You" originally recorded by Minnie Riperton: A very hard act to follow, and bravely and beautifully performed by you.

I don't care what other people think of her specially her haters. Being a loyal fan isn't that bad specially if it is IU who have a soft and strong heart. If others don't like her well Uaenas, thats not our problem I love you, IU....this time I´m very sad I was reading past articles about you , specially since the last year you are getting so rude comments , Even I love your music since 2014 I never read some about you more after your biography , I ´m I was proud of you , but after read this articles I respect you a lot , you has a warm heart and are a very nice person , you are a hard working girl , very talented ,and you really loves your fans , be strong girl I will always support you A girl with a beautiful heart like you is just a great person I like your dramas but I am disappointed in you that you are making ads promoting alcohol.