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“No one is thinking, hmm, I’m gonna get a job at an insurance company.

Although the United States government still won’t even address it, the destruction of uranium enrichment machinery in Iran in 2009 — the kind that could provide ingredients for a nuclear bomb — is widely seen as an American ploy.

The machinery was destroyed after malware infected the program that regulated centrifuges.

Most workers at the bank won’t be able to serve you or anyone else that day. “Later that night, someone unarms the alarms, breaks into the bank, cracks the vault, and steals all the money.

But Procter & Gamble, turns out, needs maybe a couple dozen cybersecurity people.”Nick Winter, the co-founder of a gamified coding community called Code Combat, agrees.

(Kaspersky Lab also analyzed the virus over the course of about two years.) At a panel after a screening of “We see a lot of people getting into things like mobile or social, and people are creating Flappy Bird and people are making millions of dollars, Chien said.

“But what we both really love about this job and why we’re super-passionate about this, is it’s unique in some sense.

While we have competitors in our business — also creating security products — when we go in the office, we’re not thinking about, ‘Oh, how do we make another dollar? ’ We go into the office thinking about how we are going to defeat these adversaries. And those actors are constantly changing.”Bruce Schneier, a cyber security expert and author, gets it.