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Elderly women over 80 sex dating

Telegraph Wonder Women caught up with these remarkable women to ask them just how they do it and crucially, what they would tell their younger selves if they could go back in time – some decades ago – about what 'growing old' actually means.

She says: "I’m now 85 and I think [about] when I get old …

Too often, the term conjures up negative images and stereotypes involving illness, vulnerability and loneliness.

The concept of growing old – becoming elderly – is something that most adults shudder at when they hit 50, let alone into their 60s and beyond.

"Push your ideas in a relentless fashion, but never to the point where you loose being a positive force." Jean Woods, 75 Jean feels her style is more street than smart.

Remarkably, after her husband passed away, she got a job at Gap and became their oldest employee at 70. Despite having a new knee, Jean also runs three times a week and says: "I’m leading a different life – it’s more adventurous." "Before if you were 70 you were sort of written off, weren’t you?

"Getting older means that you just keep getting better.

Being in your 50s, 60s 70s (especially your 70s) does not mean that you are over the hill, kaput, on the scrap heap of society.

You were just an old lady toddling along but I don’t think its like that now.