Start Ducks guitar dating

Ducks guitar dating

There were a couple great ones this week: And play the solo from "Sweet Child of Mine" perfectly before doing it too.

He's told stories about everything from why organ donation is close to his heart to being honored to see his name next to the late Stompin' Tom Connors. via Moving on, the Ducks had several games this week during which there were a few Twitter gems from some pretty awesome fans.

This week they tried to gloat about their Stanley Cup for the billionth time, this time in the face of the team they defeated (which is pretty low-class as is, might I add), and I've got to give props to the Devils for standing up and chirping back.

The fact that many Kings fans don't know that the Ducks have a Cup ring and banner already means they either bought their jersey last June after learning what goes on at Staples Center when the Lakers aren't playing, or they have an unparalleled ability to block out traumatic events. Moving away from the Kings for a little while, CBC's Don Cherry is a staple in Canadian television. A reminder: if you come across any great tweets you'd love to see here, send them over to us at @Anaheim Calling!

It almost seems out of character until you realize that this Texas boy will do what it takes for his country and for his dad — only it weighs on him.

He doesn’t even get angry over bureaucratic screw-ups, like that his fake Social Security number has 10 digits.

Me, the moment tickets become available for the California Classic, 2014.

via forums.While this has me about 50 different kinds of excited, it got the internets abuzz as well with discussions on everything ranging from the ability of California to even host the game climate-wise (news flash: thanks to improved ice technology, it has been able to for years now), to the idea that the NHL is killing the outdoor-game allure and spectacle (it is), to the possibility of a throwback jersey, like the annual Winter Classic usually does.

I posed the notion to Twitter and got some interesting responses.