Start Directions for updating streetpilot garmin

Directions for updating streetpilot garmin

On the other hand, Tom Tom devices tend to display more information simultaneously, thanks to the two-line status bar at the bottom of the screen.

New c500 series Features In addition to the simple touch-screen display found in previous versions, the Street Pilot c530 along with its counterparts, the Street Pilot c550 and Street Pilot c510, come loaded with new c500 series features including: Integrated Traffic Receiver Monitor traffic tie-ups with the addition of an optional traffic receiver.

In select metro areas, with the addition of the GTM 20 FM TMC traffic receiver*, the Steet Pilot c530 notifies you of accidents, road construction, and weather-related traffic delays before they are encountered, and then offers an alternate route.

It offers clear, easy to read icons and colorful map graphics.