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Diane mcbain dating

The show’s continuing omnipresence gives me great comfort, as well as ammunition against those who look down on my fascination with something allegedly obsolete. ” I’ll reply, raising my bushy brows as if channeling Dorothy Zbornak. ” And it’s no wonder the sitcom endures like properly assembled wicker furniture.

Yes, I’m addicted to cheesecake too.’s Beverly Hills hotel room, Mc Bain tried to seduce the handsome British actor, “but discovered he was interested in the same thing as Tab Hunter—men.

I should have known something was up when he introduced me to James Woolf (his manager, and rumored long-term lover), with whom he shared his suite.”, whom she loved, the two commiserating about their need to take charge of their career trajectories.

Meanwhile, their leisure activities became gayer and gayer, as they put on shows, dabbled in the art world, and wrote love songs to Miami Beach, all while wearing outfits only a gay man—or his mother—could love. Thanks for giving us a gay schooling for nearly three decades, providing a veritable lifetime of snappy devotion and great lines.