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Diane keaton and warren beatty dating

" asks sportif rich boy Ryan O'Neil in the opening line. He lacks the hardness that we have to see the character shedding, wouldn't have cut such a dash as Richard Gere in his white outfit, and would have been effortlessly outshone in the looks department by his smouldering belle.

It overflows with sensuality and passion, but the man and woman at its heart (Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung) never consummate their love.

" It's the interrupted wedding scene to end them all. Exit the lovers on an unforgettable bus-ride to ambiguity.

Moreau, baggy-jumpered and sporting a moustache, races across a bridge with Jules and Jim.

Celia Johnson is Laura Jesson, the suburban housewife married to a crossword-fixated man; she falls in love with a dashing medic called Alec (Trevor Howard), and the rest is – repression. Henri Serre and Oskar Werner are the two friends who are equally smitten by Jeanne Moreau, an exuberant free spirit whose vagrant character they find encapsulated by a phrase in a novel: "On a ship, a woman made love to a stranger in her mind." The camerawork on this New Wave classic is as ecstatic and giddying as falling in love itself.

It's almost unbearable to watch Laura straining against her suburban self, trying to convince herself that she has a right to lunge for happiness. Truffaut moves between comedy and tragedy with awesome ease.

Her initial panic, and the way they hold and gaze at each other afterwards, radiate pure, unscripted affection.

1970Cancer and ice-hockey: not, on paper, a recipe for romance.

But throw in Ali Mc Graw, a lush Oscar-winning score and some chunky early-1970s woollens and – hey, presto – it's the highest-grossing film of the year.