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She was still a little damp and the shirt clung to her braless tits revealing her erect nipples.

She moaned with delight while my cock was eager to get inside her. I didn’t need to see where to go but it felt good that she really wanted my eight-inch meat inside her wet pussy.

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Even her asshole was perfectly stubble-free showing her expertise with the razor. Maybe, maybe not, but now was definitely the time for my little sister to grow up a little.

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” I sat next to her on the bed and took off my shirt.

She’s seen me a thousand times without a shirt but this time it was different.

The thing of it, though, is that she acts like a slut, dresses like a slut, and talks like a slut, but she has never been fucked and has not even given anyone a blowjob!

She told me she was scared to have sex even though all of her girlfriends have been laid.

Her cunt smelled so clean and fresh from her recent fragrant bath.