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Note: Once you save your work, you cannot modify your rollup rules, except to change the target and source segment detail values.

The Date Last Run column displays the date that translation was last run.

Note: An elimination set marked for tracking and generated at least once cannot be deleted.

Period average balances represent standalone balances for each period, and is the same balance for every day within the same period.

From this window, you can enter your transfer set parameters then start the process of transferring the data from the subsidiaries to your parent ledger.

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You can override these options when you transfer your subsidiary data.

Note: The run options for the Remote Instance Signon only appear in the Run Options window for the Transfer Consolidation Data and Transfer Consolidation Data Sets windows.

After your subsidiary data has been transferred and you have requested the audit reports, purge your consolidation audit data using the Purge Consolidation Audit Data window.

Assign Single Value: Assign one specific value that will be used for the target segment. For example, reverse June s average consolidation journal before consolidating July s average consolidation data.

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