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Datingmatching info

Fantasy versus reality Online relationships can take on a fantasy feel very quickly.

You’re also taking a chance that because someone can write sappy emails they’re great communicators—not necessarily.

Online dating may seem easy, you fill out a profile, they hook you up with Mr./Ms. Surveys have shown that most people lie, so learn to ask the right questions and use a reputable site.

If you find someone you’re interested in, meet up with the person in a public place so you can talk face to face Communication Because most of our communication is non-verbal (body language, eye contact, and tone of voice) it’s hard to read someone’s heart online.

A study done by Beatutiful said that fifty-three percent of people surveyed said they lied about their online profiles A different kind of intimacy Online dating begins with a different kind of intimacy.

You don’t really know the intentions of your potential match, so you have to be clear with them about your intentions.

Because you will probably spend some time talking over email, you’ll want to learn what to look for that may indicate problems with your potential match.

Be aware that some people communicate online for years before they meet.

Heartbreak is as inevitable online as in the real world, it just moves a little faster.