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Abraham is said to have founded the monotheistic religion of the Jews, making a covenant of obedience with G-d; it seems that for him the name of the Lord was El-Shaddai, usually translated "Divinity of the Mountains," but some scholars have observed that this also means "the Breasted One," suggestive of a maternal, nurturing Protector.

(Jack Miles has suggested it was the Hittite or Cananite lady Bathsheba, the young wife of King David.) Other sections of the Torah are known as "E" (these refer to G-d as Elohim); "P" (the Priestly redaction, containing items especially relevant to the Jewish priesthood); and "D" (material from Deuteronomy).

Ancient Hebrews first appear on the historical scene as a nomadic tribe of people of the northern Arabian peninsula, at the fringe of the desert, possessing a culture similar to many others of the neolithic period (Stone Age).

(The following is an older essay on Judaism, with some updated elements, that I've been giving as a handout to students in comparative religion classes.