Start Dating touring musician

Dating touring musician

The club owner got mad at me, asking where are the people? Instead, you’ve soiled your reputation for a quick fix.…

Also, we are happy to announce that Gerry and Ted will hook up with Davy Knowles for some shows.

Gerry met Davy, a fan of Rory's music and a great guitarist, a long time back while gigging on The Isle of Man, Davy's birth place.

* 3 day convention appearance (Fri/Sat/Sun) with TWO screenings of VICTOR CROWLEY on Saturday night 10/28!

A second midnight screening has been added as the screening has SOLD OUT!

Running a restaurant, a club, a bar, is really hard. You are trying to get loyal customers that will return because you are offering them something special. If you want great décor,you hire a great interior decorator.

You expect these professionals to do their best at what you are hiring them to do. You hire a great band and should expect great music.

After a lot of swearing back and forth, because I’m guessing that musicians never talk to him as a business equal, he eventually admitted that what I was saying made sense. And he has bands answering his craigslist ads willing to do whatever it takes to get the gig. Can this battle be won by reasoning with one venue at a time?

It’s been a couple of years now since that conversation. Or have the economics of the live music world shifted forever beyond our influence? at CD Baby [editor’s note: Most talent-buyers, venue owners, show promoters, and club bookers do not resemble the sleazy pay-to-play club booker pictured above.

How about the dishwasher, the waitresses, the hostess? You see,when you start turning this argument around, it becomes silly. It happened after I played a great night of music in LA. There were about 50 people there in this small venue, so it was a good turnout.

At the end of the night, I go to get paid, and hope to book another gig. I pointed out they all stayed and listened to the music for 2 hours after their event ended.

Kane Hodder and Felissa Rose will be joining Adam Green for these Q&A’s.