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Dating super model freja beha

This is a shame for those lumbered with them, as tattoos are notoriously difficult to erase, always leaving behind a faint, purplish shadow in their wake.

Angelina Jolie has whole sentences on her upper arms: a reminder of the names of her many children, perhaps, or a shopping list for husband? Tattoos are known among the halfwits who hang out in Hoxton, East London, as 'tats'.

There are, apparently, two types: flowing tattoos that cover large areas, and patchwork tattoos of a single design, like a flower. The first date back 10,000 years, to Palaeolithic Japan, and tattoos enjoyed a renaissance during the late 19th century among the British aristocracy.

It may surprise you to know that Winston Churchill had a tattoo of an anchor on his arm.

When I mentioned this saddest incarnation of the tat to Helen Mirren, who has the Indian Lakesh symbol, meaning 'whole woman', inscribed just below the thumb on her left hand, she rolled her eyes.

(Helen Mirren is, by the way, the only woman in her 60s I can think of who doesn't look ridiculous sporting a tattoo).

She got hers when she was drunk one night on a theatre tour in Minnesota. I'm appalled they have become middle class,' she said.

'There is no respect for rebellion any more.' Rather than being the mark of the outsider (or the ultimate insider, that of someone doing time in prison), tattoos show that you are desperate to belong.

As recently as 1992, tattoos in the world of fashion were, well, taboo.