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Dating spode tower

Basically, this is a Planet of Hats where the "hat" is some feared human ideology.

Ironically, this often leads to people in-universe, among the audience and even the writer themselves, being racist against the Scary Dogmatic Aliens.

A good way to determine the quality of the race and whether or not they're Straw Characters is the following questions; Are the Scary Dogmatic Aliens redeemable? All but the best writers end up giving in to this to some extent. After all, it may be a story about aliens, but it is intended for a human audience (usually).

Everyone is the same, individuality is a capital crime, belief in any other creed is not tolerated (even alongside the "Aliens As Communists'" creed, often on pain of death). The most recent evolution of the trope yet, pound-for-pound, the most frequently used.

An Alien as Conquistador is likely to be a Proud Warrior Race Guy. The entire "suddenly, vastly technologically superior anthropomorphic aliens landed and life as we knew it forever went to hell in a handbasket" seems to be so everlastingly popular in America due to its own history being just that, except that the invading aliens, not the unfortunate current residents, carried the day.

This enigmatic variant is a typical element of a Mind Screw, and is sometimes used as a memetic way of advertising the show.

Arc Words need not have attention drawn explicitly to them; they often rely instead on eagle-eyed/sharp eared viewers noticing for themselves.

Note how often political pundits on both sides compare their enemies to Nazis in recent years to see that this extends beyond fiction.