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Dating sites in west monroe la

One of the two Monte Sano Site mounds, excavated in 1967 before being destroyed for new construction at Baton Rouge, was dated at 6220 BP (plus or minus 140 years).

The original caption reads: Maturin Le Petit, a Jesuit priest met the Natchez people as did Le Page du Pratz (1758), a French explorer.

Both observed them in the area that later became Mississippi. Having a population of some 4,000, they occupied at least nine villages and were presided over by a paramount chief, known as the Great Sun, who wielded absolute power.

Since there had been little violent conflict with Europeans in that area during that period, the most plausible explanation is that infectious diseases from the Old World, such as smallpox and influenza, had decimated most of the Native Americans who had comprised the last mound-builder civilization.