Start Dating services for the elderly

Dating services for the elderly

Recently, I took off the wheels on my dad's chair so it won't move when he stands up.

Monitors and alerts can be a big help when someone has dementia and wandering is a concern. Investigate what assistance might be available via your area agency on aging, Veterans Affairs or other community-based organizations.

You can place a motion sensor in areas that will sound an alarm or a floor mat with an alarm that goes off when stepped on. Physical, occupational, speech and music therapy can be provided at home. It's wonderful to have help, and there are many caring and dedicated people willing to provide it.

I learned quickly when my parents needed 24-hour care and moved in with me.

Adults with mental capacity have the right to exercise free choice in deciding whether to accept services.

If an adult appears to be capable of understanding the risks and chooses to stay in an abusive or neglectful situation, this can be a difficult decision for others to understand.

APS will offer services and try to convince the adult to accept help.

And many do: About 85 percent of family caregivers are caring for someone who lives in their own home or who is sharing a home with them.