Start Dating service nixes her weight

Dating service nixes her weight

Wie can no longer chalk up poor play to youthful mistakes -- not when the No.

She has missed her last three cuts and is playing the worst golf of her pro career.

While she's ranked a respectable In Wie's case, the truth isn't nearly that black-and-white. Is she a four-year LPGA vet with just two career victories? When she walks across the stage at Stanford's graduation ceremony on Father's Day, she will find herself staring at the intersection of Kobe and Kournikova -- poised to either become the champion everyone predicted or the prodigy whose hype outgrew her game. This is one of Wie's final trips home to Hawaii before returning to Jupiter, Fla., where she lives full time and can focus solely on golf for the first time in her life.

Brown’s will, written before their marriage ceremony, didn’t include her or the couple’s child.

Some close to Brown said the singer was angry to learn Tommie Rae was married to another man when she married him.

It has been a long fight for Tommie Rae Brown, previously Tomi Rae Hynie.

She found herself crying outside the locked gates of James Brown’s home after he died as trustees kept her out.

The judge held a hearing on a different matter to decide who can attend an upcoming mediation hearing aimed at settling the legal fight over Brown’s estate, which is entering its ninth year.

The date for the mediation has not been set.“I encourage and hope y’all will go into this with open hearts and open minds,” Early said in a brief hearing, during which his frustration with the case was obvious.

But even he isn’t sure how many people will be there, as the pool of people making claims includes Brown’s widow, his children, his grandchildren, original trustees kicked off the case and others.“I don’t know, 20, maybe 30?

This story appears in the June 11 Women in Sports issue of ESPN The Magazine. MICHELLE WIE STANDS in the Pacific Ocean, barefoot and tugging on jean shorts.

Wie has watched as Tseng's career has skyrocketed to heights that everyone thought were reserved for her. As Wie circles the globe trying to prove she can still compete against the best, her father, B.