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Dating princess

A Princess doesn’t hold down an unrewarding job or contribute substantially to the work of running a household. Are they overly focused on shallow things like physical looks and material wealth? Do they point out how other women they know are treated like princesses by their husbands (implying that you need to get with the program if you want to stay happily married)? If you're inclined, submit suggested GLUM-identifying questions as "Comments" to this Blog.

Can they handle their own emotions of disappointment in a mature way without lashing out, being defensive, or blaming others for their problems? (Unless they can prove over a long period of time that they can grow up and be a fully functional partner in a marriage). Before they start leeching off their partners, they are sometimes found in other blood sucking roles—perhaps living in the pool house of a wealthy person, perpetually "looking to break into the acting or modeling scene" (but really, spending much of their days floating in the pool).

But, these kinds of “princesses” tend to overlook and under-appreciate that as they set their eyes on physical and monetary based gifts.

Precious stones or Louis Vutton might temporarily satisfy her.

The Princess Assessment Scale is not scientifically validated, but I'm confident that if you ask yourself these questions, you will be able to accurately identify the Princesses among us. Shauna Springer's PAS (Princess Assessment Scale) 1. Do they yearn to "be discovered" in some role that puts them at the center of admiration or creates a group of "fans" (e.g. You have just described 75% of the moms at my daughter's elementary school. Also a princess trait - being the trophy second wife.