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From 2009, when the FSB began requiring more disclosure on unclaimed benefit funds, it continued to provide resources for the matter as more information came to light, Lukhaimane said.

The FSB said these small amounts represent a very small portion of the total value of unclaimed benefits — about 0.6% and 2% respectively.

Public interest in the question of unclaimed benefits has grown since the FSB found itself in a court battle with the former deputy registrar for pension funds, Rosemary Hunter, which began in 2016.

Hunter took the FSB to court over its handling of the so-called “cancellations project” — a long-running effort by the FSB to cancel thousands of dormant or orphaned pensions funds.

Since 2007, more than R22-billion in unclaimed benefits has been paid out to almost one million beneficiaries, according to financial records supplied by funds to the registrar’s office.