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Dating outside jehovah witnesses

Before the arrival of the Portuguese colonizers, Brazil already had natives living here.

The same study has estimated that per each priest there are four ministers and that Catholics give only 0,54% of the family earnings to the church, while Protestants give from 1,48% to 2,26% of the family earnings.

As for the family income, the minorities are on the top, as we can see below: Still according to the same study, Scientology only have 200 followers in Brazil, while the Islam would have 27.239 Brazilian followers and Santo Daime, a religion from the Amazonian area, would have 200 thousand followers.

Known for their door-to-door preaching, Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse military service and blood transfusions.

In the 20th century the massive arrival of Japanese people along with other Asians (such as Koreans and Chinese) brought different religious practices into the country and the intensive process of globalization has provided the opportunity of getting in touch with several different religions and practices.

This introduction of Catholicism to indigenous people was very violent and nearly erased all the religious and cultural features of these communities.

This is why we don’t see indigenous communities among the major religions practiced in Brazil.

The Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church is the second major Catholic Church in Brazil, with 560.781, followed by the Orthodox Catholic Church, with 131.571.