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Deep structural reforms in Belarus’ higher education are unlikely to be introduced in the coming years.

Unlike Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, which had similar problems in their education system, were granted the up-front access to the Bologna process in 20 respectively.

Significantly, there is no exclusion mechanism from the EHEA, which may jeopardise the implementation of reforms in the higher education in Belarus.

It is likely that the Belarusian authorities aimed to join the EHEA in order to increase paid educational services for non-residents.

Indeed, Belarus is rated highly by formal indicators of education, although the gap between the qualifications of employees and market requirements is increasing every year.

"Defiance" is an excellent movie based on a true story that proves that nothing is impossible to survive.

Of course, the plot is romanticized, but the merit of these Bielski brothers is undeniable.

Zus decides to join the Russian resistance that believes that Jews do not fight.

While Tuvia welcomes any survivor in his camp with his two younger brothers and fight for food and ammunition, Zus finds anti- Semitism among the Russian partisans.

Both independent experts and high-level Belarusian officials acknowledge this problem.

By introducing state ideology studies in secondary schools and universities in the mid-2000s, the authorities have considerably decreased protest activity and support for the political opposition among young people.

They hide in the woods and sooner other runaway Jews join them.