Start Dating a proco rat

Dating a proco rat

First, Proco didn't start using the OP07DP chip until 2003. The Filter cuts high frequencies as it is turned clockwise. If you just read a post by The Guy Who Invented Fire please understand that opinions change, mind sets change and as players our ears mature. Originally posted by flow There's an LM308 op amp chip in original RAT2. But based on what I've a serial number in the 80,000 to 100,000 range proco rat serial number back to around 1988 - the period when the RAT-2 was released and the original Rat small-box, black-face was discontinued there was an overlap.

I just had a look in mine and there looks to be a compensation cap.

When he kpg 87d software pics of the chassis, I'll post and try to date them.

The Rat This was the first RAT pedal manufactured in large numbers. Not really sure where the price gouging is coming from.

Proco the rat serial number numbee classic Rat switching.

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I would like to introduce this “Timeless Classics” series about effects with a pedal that I discovered quite recently (about two years ago) after trying and owning a lot of distortion/overdrive pedals: The Proco Rat-2.

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