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— Billy wrote “New York State of Mind” not about the city but about the whole state. — Joel’s record company honcho Walter Yetnikoff advised Billy to fire his wife Elizabeth as his manager back in ’77, calling her “a sadist.” — Joel wrote “Just The Way You Are” for Liz.

Here are some of the book’s biggest revelations: — Joel's parents, German Jews, barely survived the Holocaust, having escaped at the last minute through Cuba. The family's whole harrowing story is chronicled in a little-known, 2001 documentary titled "The Joel Files." — Always self-deprecating, Joel assessed his star appeal early on, with the line “Look at me. I look like a guy who makes pizza.” — Despondent over his failing career in his 20s, Joel tried to commit suicide by swallowing fistfuls of Nembutal, washed down with furniture polish.

When he awoke, he thought, “Oh great, I couldn’t even do this right.” — Atlantic Records tried to sign Billy right before Columbia did.

I realized this was just not going to work.” Also, she was 19 and he was in his 30s.