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I still appreciate how hard they work and recognise how killer some of their earlier albums were.

Lyrical matter, intoned by Brockie in a slightly lower-than-average shouted delivery with his reverbed band occasionally piping in, includes rape, homosexuality, murder, feces and rock'n'roll.

Sample tact includes: "Hey there girl - do you like my big dick?

Douglas' pisso guitar tone in particular would be missed as the band immediately converted into a Metal Blade band for the second album.

, the highlight being four of that album's songs as sung by original vocalist Joey Slutman.

But even as depressed as I am, I still enjoyed the daylights out of listening to this album twice in a row as I reviewed it! Yeah, the production is kinda "underground" - though you might do well to find the original vinyl LP. I remember when it came out on CD, it sounded bad - like it was remixed to be more "metal" sounding with that reverb or whatever. This is the only record I ever heard from GWAR that is listenable as a standalone album.

Unfortunately, I enjoyed up all the daylights and now my world is morbidly black. I had the fortune to see 'em in 1989 at City Gardens in Trenton (Ween opened! They had a different drummer than on the record who made the songs sound much tighter, but they still were totally punk and ideosyncratic sounding.

Gradually, I became obsessed and i'd say for a couple of years they were my favourite band.