Start Cons of carbon 14 dating

Cons of carbon 14 dating

It is undergoing an expansion that started in 2014.

Some experts argue that this would allow far-reaching research into making population estimates, as well as tracking how human populations moved over a given space and time.

Data mining is a computer process that is useful in discovering patterns in data sets using various methods at the intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems.

He says a global database would have all this information with each carbon date so that if a data point needs to be recalculated, it can be done.

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He plans to use data mining to confirm and quantify North American population changes due to wars or settlement relocations.

This information has, until now, been based on Indigenous traditional stories.

Part of CARD's expansion efforts is to make the software behind the site open source, allowing research groups to set up their own version of CARD while still contributing core information to the main database.