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Cigar smoking dating

(F) "Enclosed Area" means an area with a roof or other overhead covering of any kind and walls or side coverings of any kind, regardless of the presence of openings for ingress and egress, on all sides or on all sides but one.

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For consumers this means boxes will begin to receive warning labels, some cigars may disappear from the market and nearly every cigar will increase in price.

Get ready to hear mass speculation about the sale of cigar companies.

The reality is it will likely be years before we know what FDA regulations have done to the marketplace for cigar companies, but that’s not going to stop anyone from speculating.

Most importantly, the government has now begun regulating cigars on a serious level.

In theory, there are supposed to be no new cigars without FDA approval after Aug. Many manufacturers have added what we have referred to as These are new products that were quietly shipped to select retailers in small quantities prior to today so that manufacturers could show sales of the product before Aug. They will be introduced in public and full terms at later dates.