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Homeland Security Presidential Directive #12 directs the Department of Defense to use the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC-III) to vet personnel entering the installation that do not possess a U. Government Common Access Card (CAC), Automated Installation Entry (AIE) card issued by Fort Benning Department of Emergency Services and/or Uniformed Services Identification (ID) Card. 17, 2015, Fort Sill will vet all visitors and uncleared contractors requesting entry that do not possess a U. Government Common Access Card (CAC), Uniformed Services Identification (military ID) card or other Do D-approved identification.

The Do D guidelines require that everyone entering a military installation have a nationwide background check. When the VCC is closed, passes to gain entry to Fort Sill can be obtained at Key West and Bentley Gate (Sheridan).

After the attacks of 9/11, the Department of Defense (Do D) passed more restrictive rules for military bases worldwide, but the Army has been operating with an exemption to that rule until recently. Click here for a complete list of approved identification cards.

Fort Sill has a “stand alone” installation access process and does not share information with other Do D installations.

If you have a question about whether or not you need a pass card to gain access to Fort Sill, call the Visitor’s Control Center at (580) 442-9602 or 9603 or email your question to Fort Sill at this email address: [email protected] Visitor Control Center can process requests for unescorted access on a same-day basis, but you can speed the process by filling out the appropriate form and submitting it to the VCC.

Only after the form is received and the merits of the document considered will a determination be made.

After that determination is made, the requestor of the appeal will be notified as to its outcome.

The installation commander will, in the absence of an approved waiver, deny pass cards for uncleared contractors, subcontractors and visitors based on the results of the NCIC III check that contains credible derogatory information indicating the individual may present a threat to good order, discipline, or health and safety on the installation.

Derogatory information includes, but is not limited to: In cases where an uncleared contractor, subcontractor or visitor is denied access based on derogatory information obtained from an NCIC or NCIC III check, personnel at the Access Control Point or Visitor Control Center will issue the denied individual instructions on how and where to submit a waiver.

You can submit your request for access up to 30 days prior to your visit.

Individuals who wish to renew their pass card or replace a lost card must complete a access request form and the VCC staff conduct a new background check before a new pass card can be issued.

If you mail your application to post, when you arrive at post, go directly to the VCC and receive your pass. In this instance, the center staff will attempt to contact the requestor to inform them of the rejection.