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Christmas time has passed and Spartan’s dreams have moved on from warm and delicious Christmas cookies to that hot and steamy New Years Eve Kiss.

2.) “Rumor has it there’s a Sparty in my pants and you’re invited”: If you get turned down using this line, don’t take it to heart.

No Spartan can decline an invitation to a party, so this is an indicatory that you’re dealing with someone dangerous, likely a Wolverine.

“I had been feeling quite low, as had recently ended a long-term relationship, and he came up to me and said something like 'you're a bit less hot than your friend, but it's OK, because I fancy you.' Obviously I am a smart, intelligent, confident and successful woman, so should have thrown something at him; but instead I was charmed.

“Anyway, at his house I found he had a spreadsheet of all the women he was seeing, colour coded with days and nights.

All you need to do is demonstrate social value – you don’t need to lower hers.

He is not a classic lothario, nor is he classically cool. For an average girl (6s, 7s), you don’t want to use value zingers.

It is about control, putting the man in charge of the interaction by pushing the woman to earn his approval.