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On June 14, 1923 men from 68 patriotic groups met in Washington, DC to draw up a set of rules on how to handle the flag.

But President Lincoln disagreed and was determined to hold the Union together.

From 1861-1865 Union troops marched under a flag with all the stars and stripes.

There is no proof that Betsy Ross actually sewed the first flag.

Several men approached her for a flag design, but that doesn't mean she sewed it.

The flag code is updated when necessary, most recently being 1976.

It took 6 years of arguing by our forefathers to come up with a national emblem.

It became known as the Grand Union Flag and was the first American flag.

But..the Declaration of Independence was signed this flag became literally history and as they say today, 'not politically correct.' What to do?

Well it took an act of Congress on 6-14-1777 to pass an official Flag Resolution stating the design of the flag with the red and white strips and the 13 stars in a blue.

Now they had problems with just how many points on a star. And some of the stars were in rows, some in circles and some were haphazard.

In 1940 Congress passed a law forbidding the capture or killing of bald eagles.