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Chat line in ottawa

We are an Ottawa founded record label that is aiming to change the way labels service their artists. Website: larrygarnett.E-mail: [email protected] for keyboard player for 60s, 70s, 80s music. We are: vocalist, guitarist, bassist & drummer and are retired or semi-retired. Community based projects are financed through donations and fundraising.

Need commitment to practice at least once a week (on weekends/weekdays) either Sound check or Record runner. The drummer must be dedicated, be able to rehearse at least two nights per week, play to a click track in the studio, have a great meter, play any kind of double kick patterns.

(Depends on availability) Only looking for committed musicians who want to eventually gig! For more info you can go to Gnarlys Webiste You can also visit our You Tube Channel, You can also send us an email at [email protected] SPACE AVAILABLE DOWNTOWN NEAR STEVES MUSIC I have rehearsal space available downtown near Steves Music. A Tama Star Classic Maple kit supplied in the studio for rehearsals.

New guitarist must have transportation and gear, willing to work fast at getting the repertoire in place. email to: [email protected] for a female vocalist: An established, gigging band, is looking for a female vocalist to sing both lead and harmony.